A Simple Way of Using Video To Boost Your Business

VIDEO BRIEFS Here’s an idea!  You already know that video is vital in the current Youtube run world. Your website needs to be constantly upgraded with new and inviting videos to keep your Google ranking up and your visitors entertained and informed.   How about a “we love our job” interview with your employees? Now most visitors to your site will be cynical on arrival, the guard is up ‘cos someone is going to try to sell them something. Disarm them. We all love a story, so show them a typical worker in your business having a bit of fun, and watch them relate to your clients on a whole new level. Let your employees explain why your product is so fantastic, why they love working there. Now if the office boy/girl or storeperson shows the same enthusiasm as the boss, prospective customers will be pretty much sold. Revealing that the business is more than a façade and money making operation is the key to winning over visitors who are bombarded by typical, hardsell, corporate videos online and on TV every minute of every day. Let visitors see your business has a beating heart, supports real people and is genuinely interested in their clients, giving them products and services above an beyond the average. It’s all about humanising your business. People want to deal with people not glitzy websites with no soul. Not only are you going to do more business, think what your doing for your employees. You are showing how important they are to you and that they can make a very positive contribution to the organisation. And who knows, you might just discover a natural born talent in front of the camera. Everyone’s a winner – the clients are won over, the boss gets more business and the employee gets to feel like they are valued and making a big contribution to the company’s overall success. Using video for video’s sake is not enough, start thinking outside the square. Latest statistics reveal the average person spends more than eight hours a day consuming media – TV, Internet, print. A huge proportion of that is video so you have to do something to stand out from the crowd. Maybe, your employees ”we love our job” video might be just what you need.

Inbound Marketing – Todays’ Way To Do Business

What is inbound marketing?   Inbound marketing is, effectively, drawing the attention of prospects to your business by creating content i.e. video, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media marketing and other types of content marketing In traditional marketing you go out and seek customers – with inbound marketing they come to you. Sounds ideal but just how easy is it in reality? It’s all about attracting people to your website, giving them a reason to check you out. So what is it that will attract them like bees to a honeypot? Having a good looking website is a start, then you need to be a prolific blogger, writing about stuff that shows you are an expert in your field and someone to be trusted. Regular, new content is the secret to success, informative articles about you, your product or service and your staff. Video – an absolute must – any website today without video is rapidly losing ground to competitors and losing profile and Google ranking. Visitors will stay on a site with video much longer, giving you time to show off your product or service. Video can take on many forms – an explainer video detailing what you do and what you offer, How to videos, testimonials, corporate events, and very importantly, a call to action. Not restricted to only your website, videos are vital for your social media, emails and news letters.   The key thing is to be providing relevant information on tap at all times. It’s just there when people (read prospective clients) need it 24/7. The way people buy today has changed dramatically. They are far better informed and don’t rely on a salesman walking them through the pros and cons of a particular product. They’ve already done their research on Google.  That’s the way I operate and you probably do to. Nothing frustrates me more than to go into a store to inquire about a product only to find I know more than the salesman. The end result is I do more research, makeup my own mind and the salesman ends up just taking my credit card. This is where inbound marketing works.  If your website is compelling, your blogs show you to be the expert in your field, prospective customers will flock to your site, and conversion rates will soar. Traditional marketing is losing impact. We suffer from media overload – so many TV channels so many radio stations, we are bombarded by advertising. Even the good ads we are skeptical about.  PVR’s the advertisers worst enemy However, the technological age has allowed us to fight back, PVR’s let us to record TV shows and fast forward through the ads. Many of us don’t watch shows live, preferring to record them first so we can skip the ads altogether. Technology is arming us with the tools to bypass the hard sell. Even our smart phones have a caller ID so we can weed out the cold callers. And those very same smart phones allow us to find and research any product or service we require. Lastest figures show a third of all internet access is via smart phones and that figure is growing rapidly.   Information is as close as your smart phone Inbound marketing is non-invasive; it’s people coming to you to learn more about what you have to offer. The skill then is to give them what they want, in a non-confronting way, give them a reason to trust you, and a reason to buy from you. But each step is in the consumers’ hands. It’s up to you to provide the perfect platform to take them from visitor to customer and ideally repeat customers. The traditional way of attracting business is hugely expensive. For a radio or TV campaign to gain traction you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and your ads can still get lost in the crowd. Print advertising is very expensive and it’s a shrinking market. While radio advertising production costs are relatively cheap, producing a TV commercial can be very expensive, and then you have to pay to put a campaign to air. Even with a generous budget you’re fighting for space among the big guys who have six and seven figure budgets. You just have to work smarter. Producing videos for a website is incredibly cost effective.  You only have the production cost, there are no ongoing charges and that one video can be used on social media and email – three uses for the price of one.   Video for EZ Finance Prospective clients often share your videos with friends and family, spreading the word even further. So up scaling your inbound marketing doesn’t have to break the bank, a good quality video or videos to start, then a well crafted blog.   The importance of a blog cannot be over stated.  Articles about your product or service will position you as an industry expert, someone to be trusted. But you must write regularly, fresh new posts are not only relevant to keep your visitors informed but it will go a long way to improving SEO (search engine optimisation). That means a higher Google ranking. Once you write the blog articles, post the link on your social media pages, and email your subscribers and contacts to help spread the word. Inbound marketing is relatively cheap to implement but does require ongoing effort, however the rewards are there to be reaped. The way modern consumers do their shopping has changed forever, and as such, your business must adapt in order to survive. The beauty is, the change to inbound marketing is far more cost effective and you’ll develop are much closer relationship with your customers. A win,win. If you think we can help you give us a call at The Video Professionals  8325 2746  

The Number 3 – A Speechwriter & A Copywriters’ Best Friend

What is it about the number 3?   The number 3 exerts amazing influence on our lives. Artists and photographers live by the rule of thirds to compose a painting or a picture. Great orators and writers have long known that the rule of three gives their speeches and plays more impact, more humour, more memorability. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” William Shakespeare from Julius Caesar. “Government, of the people, by the people, for the people“ The Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”– Benjamin Disraeli The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – movie Sex, Lies and Videotape – movie Slip, Slop, Slap – Cancer Council Australia skin cancer campaign. Then there’s The Three Little Pigs The Three Blind Mice Goldilocks and the Three Bears the Three Wise Men and the Three Stooges  But why is the sequence of three so powerful? It seems it’s about the way we humans process information. We have become proficient at pattern recognition by necessity, and three is the smallest number of elements required to create a pattern. Andrew Diugan in his Six Minutes Speaking and Presentation Skills blog says the rule of three is a powerful speech writing technique that you should learn, practice and master. Falling into the “Rule of Three” is the whimsical, yet true saying about making a  speech or a presentation “tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them. Then tell them what you told them.” The Rule is equally relevant when it comes to humour.  You’ve all heard the line “three guys walk into a bar”etc or from a TV comedy, a  character might say to a bald person “Can I get you anything? Cup of coffee? Doughnut? Toupee?”  So there it, is if you want to make an impression, hold your audiences’ attention and leave them wanting more – do it in threes. The Rule Of 3 is just as important in commercial video making, both picture composition  and written content. When framing your subject move the camera so that the principal subject elements fall along one of the third lines, preferably at a point where those lines intersect. If you can’t re-position  the camera to a good spot, try to move the subject (not easy of you’re shooting a landscape). A case in point would be the placement of the horizon line in an outdoor shot. Don’t center the horizon on your screen. Place the horizon on either the top or bottom third line.  The Rule of 3 permeates many aspects of our lives.  Three is the magic number that makes life more interesting. How has it impacted your life? If you have examples of how the rule of three works for you let us know.

The Growth Of Video On Facebook & Its Impact on Business

Looking at Facebook recently have you noticed the huge growth in videos?   In the early days Facebook was all about the written word but it soon became evident that if you wanted to get “likes” and comments you needed to add a picture. The statistics are overwhelming. According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts. Wishpond’s data says that overall, photo posts get 120% more engagement than the average post. So it appears we’ve all read the tealeaves and have tried to post pictures where possible. But now, the next wave, as video rolls over social media like a tsunami. Facebook has prioritized video posts and according Fortune magazine: For creators with more than a million Facebook fans, text-only updates reach just 4%, photo posts reach 14% of their audience on average, but video posts? They reach 35%. Smart businesses have been quick to capitalise, flooding their social media pages with videos. That doesn’t mean video for videos sake but meaningful, high quality videos showing off your brand or service.   Produce a video your audience will want to see.   An information video. How your product works and how it will solve their problems and make life better. An educational video “How to” videos are always popular. Don’t tell me, show me. Entertaining video – we all like to be entertained and amused. A video showing the lighter side of your business, interaction with staff and clients will humanise your business making you more approachable. Testimonial video – let the clients tell their story. A happy client is your best sales person. Points to remember when making a video for social media.    Keep it short – 30 seconds is the optimal duration.  Keep it simple and to the point.  Have a catchy title – that’s the hook to get them to press play.  Avoid cheap and nasty. You’ll be judge by the quality of your   video not your product. Money invested on a high quality video  will repay you many times over. Video on social media may not replace traditional advertising but its growth and reach and appeal to the millennials can’t be ignored. As more of us go online via smartphones, digital video becomes more important as the small screen lends itself more to video than text. Statistics show we are spending more time on social media everyday, it is becoming the go-to outlet for businesses of all sizes. The goal posts in the business world are constantly changing . Smart businesses are aware of the changes and react before their competitors.  

Has Your Business Had A Personality Bypass?

Getting your business to a new level may be as simple an injecting some dynamic, upbeat, real, human involvement. Most of us think we make a decision to buy something coolly and rationally, but in fact our emotions rule our decision-making, That’s why we are drawn to well known brand names when we know generic products are often exactly the same and much cheaper. Big companies like Apple, Coca Cola and McDonalds have massive marketing budgets to build their brand awareness and spread the message far and wide. Their message is indelibly in our psyche – that’s the power of the dollar. So what can small and medium size businesses do compete with the big guys and their direct competitors? Get a personality. You need to develop a theme through everything you do, in store, online and marketing that lets the world know you have a heart beat. People best relate to other  people. Not facts, not figures not clever info graphics, but real people. ‘A business with personality is one that has developed a particular style and voice that projects everything that is good about what you do.’ It makes your business more credible and more approachable. It maybe the only difference between you and your competition. The best way to start doing this is reveal your human side. Tell your story of how you got started in the business. The struggles, the setbacks, the gradual climb to where you are today and the pleasure you and your staff get from having happy customers. ‘We all love a good story.’ We all love to see the little guy/girl wins through. Make the visitor to you website feel special, tell them what you can do for them and why you get so much enjoyment out of seeing a satisfied customer who will want to come back again and again. Remember, people want to do business with people, not corporations or institutions. We all want to feel like we belong, and in this world of websites and online trading a wall has gone up between business and customer. What ever you can do to bring down that wall will humanise your business and bring customers to your door. Don’ t forget, in many cases you and your competitors are offering similar, if not the same products or services. The only difference is the people behind the product – you and your staff. If you can develop a unique personality for your business that is consistent, caring and welcoming, you have a point of difference. A reason why they’ll prefer you to your competition. And the beauty of developing a personality, it costs you nothing. It’s simply a mindset. By putting personality into your business you’re giving clients something to connect with and once they’ve made the connection they’re likely to stick with you. You develop the principles and train your staff to adhere to them and that personality by pass has become personality plus. The best way to project that personality is with video. Words can be misinterpreted, but video doesn’t lie. A great landing page video welcoming visitors and outlining what you can do for them could be just the start in personalising your website and your business. Remember the biggest advantage you have in business is YOU.

Five Most Important Online Video Trends For 2016

The birth of Youtube ten years ago spawned a video monster. Originally conceived to share video, it has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations with over two billion views daily and growth year on year of 40%. What was at first the realm of amateurs uploading their cute pet videos is now the launching pad for major advertising campaigns by all the world’s major players. Read Dylan Kissane’s 5 most important online video trends for 2016 Any business online not taking full value of video is missing out on the most cost effective form of marketing there is.

A Business Without Video Is A Business Without Vision

‘No matter what you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy, you are going to lose.’ A Business Without Video Is A Business Without Vision Advertising options have changed and grown dramatically over recent years, and fine-tuning your strategy means taking advantage of the digital marketplace. So how can you create a dynamic advertising campaign with a limited budget? Video Video builds brand awareness much better than text and pictures. Video allows you to interact with your prospective customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business. Once they feel comfortable with you sales are far more likely to follow. Video gives your site the personal touch – you and your staff reaching out and connecting with your customers, something major businesses can’t compete with. Video gives your business a human face allowing you to show your customers what you have to offer over your competitors. Video drives search results According to Forrester Research “video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of Google.” Adding video e-mail marketing boosts customers’ interaction (opening the email or clicking on any of the content) by up to 300 percent. Video is cost effective. You can promote your video through your own website, an online ad campaign, e-mail, social media and YouTube. Research tell us people tend to remember 20% of the things they hear, 30% of the things they see and a huge 70% of what they see and hear together. That spells V-I-D-E-O. Customers want their information NOW and with minimum effort. So give it to them. People often search a number of sites before finding what they want and anything that makes the task easier and more enjoyable is an immediate plus. Statistics show the chances of someone buying increase dramatically the longer they stay on your site. Without video the average time spent on a website is just 48 seconds. With video websites hold people for about 6 minutes – plenty of time to get your message across. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a personalised web video draws people to the business, as they feel they already know and trust you. A web video is your 24/7 salesperson – always there, always approachable, with the same constant message giving your product or service a human face and personality. There is no better time to invest in video for you business. If your competitors aren’t using video they soon will be. Get in first and be seen as an innovator that others follow.  

Website Video Warning – More Than Half Your Viewers Are Watching On Smartphones

Smart websites are seeing the value in having video content. It’s the most cost effective way to heighten your brand awareness, bring traffic to your site and convert visits into sales. But there is something you should consider very carefully before agreeing to have a video produced for your website. A video produced to be viewed on  TV or desktop computer screen will look very different on a smartphone which may have less than 20% of the visual real estate of the larger screens. More than half of Youtube videos are viewed on iPhones and the like so you can see the necessity for producing videos keeping small screens in mind. Creating a video for a mobile audience can present some unique challenges but nothing that can’t be overcome with a proper game plan. It’s estimated that by 2019 80% of all of global internet traffic will be video so the time is now to start your video planning. Your aim is to create content that people are actually looking for and when they find it they want to engage with it. This is where tutorial type videos work well where you give a solution to a problem putting forward your product as the answer to their prayers. Another vital element is to keep it short. People on the go, in transit are often strapped for time. A long video will lose them before they even press play. Remember the data costs start racking up the longer the video runs. If your message can’t be fully explained in a short video, consider making a series of videos. Have a playlist so viewers can go to the exact video that will help solve their problem. i.e. How to mount TV wall brackets. How to assemble the projector screen etc. Even though smartphone screen sizes are growing – they are still way smaller than desktop and laptop screens so consider that when setting up what you want to shoot on camera. Detail will be lost in wide shots so concentrate on mid shots and closeups of your product or service. Keep graphics to a minimum and make them as bold as possible. Audio is also an issue for two reasons. 1.The sound quality needs to be good – listening environments, like on a train, or in a shopping mall, can be very noisy. So clean, crisp high quality audio is vital. 2.Often mobile users will watch a video with the audio turned off altogether (while sitting in a doctor’s waiting rooms or in a theatre waiting for the movie to begin etc.) In this case the pictures alone have to tell the story. Your call to action and key marketing messages need to be in text form (as well as audio). When you finally produce a video don’t make the final judgement while viewing it on a 27” monitor alone . View it on a smartphone as well, so you can see if it gets your message across on the small screen. If you have trouble making sense of the video and/or reading the text then you still have time to rectify the problems before putting the video out in the market place. Video is a very powerful force in digital marketing but it must be done right. Want to learn more? Contact The Video Professionals.  

Video – The Perfect Training Medium

Any business to be successful has to keep a close watch on expenditure. One area of ongoing cost is training, with a regular turnover of staff new inductees have to be brought up to speed on how your company operates. In-house training can be a costly but necessary exercise. Personalised training is expensive and takes a valued employee out of the loop. The alternative in the past has been a training manual, a cold and impersonal way to deliver your company credo. Enter The Training Video Training videos are becoming increasingly popular and very cost effective. Here are some of the reasons It reduces costs. Employees can access the training video at anytime and where ever they are. Eliminating the need for a venue for training. Employees learn at different speeds, a video allows them to set their own pace and revise the video at will. A videos message is constant your training message won’t vary over time. Most people are visual learners – a video can demonstrate exactly how you want a procedure or process to happen. Videos can be entertaining while they educate, ensuring employees stay interested. The realities of life are your staff already spend a lot of time online, often watching videos. There are hard wired to accept and digest visual information. Placing their training online, on video is a logical step. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to forget about the training process, of taking key personnel out of the system? The same personnel who’ll be continually interrupted by the “newbie” asking “how do I do an EFPOS refund again?” Instead it’s “let’s go to the videotape.” With video training you can feed new and upgraded or more advanced training into the system with a minimum of disruption. And to spice up your tutorials you can dress them up with music, animations and re-enactments. You’re likely to get staff making suggestions of how to make the videos even better. Bear in mind most of the people you’ll be employing from now on only know the digital age. They have no knowledge of life before the internet. They expect to get the bulk of their information from a screen. They’re comfortable with it and the readily accept it. On all fronts video training is the way to go, and if it reduces your costs , makes your staff happy and more efficient what are you waiting for?

The Internet Gives The Consumer Ultimate Power

Consumers have never been in  stronger position when buying. The internet has put them in touch with everything they need to know to make the right decision and more and more they’re turning to video. As a business owner are you prepared for the new age consumer? So you’ve decided you need video on your web page. Even before approaching a production company to make it you should be very clear in your mind what you want the video to achieve. The better equipped you are the more likely you are to end up with the result you want. It’s important to realise that while the video will be about you and your company, its’ principle aim is for the benefit of prospective clients. Too much about you and your business history will drive them away. They’re seeking solutions to a problem. Give them the answer and they’ll do business with you. Waste their time and they’ll be off to your competitors website at the click of a mouse button. The Internet has given the consumer ultimate power. They can take a look at what’s on offer, carry out research,  find the best price and make considered choices, without leaving their computer or mobile device. That’s why making a powerful and effective website video is even more vital. To help you do this we have compiled a corporate video checklist. What is your objective? What do you want the video to do to improve your business? What is your target audience? For example, existing customers, or prospective customers who don’t know what you have to offer, a certain age group or socio-economic group? What is your message? Define your message and get to the point as quickly as possible. No matter how good your product is, if you muddle the message they’ll tune out. You have eight seconds to make an impact. Remember, seeing is believing. Better to demonstrate your product or service than spend a lot of time just talking about it. What is your budget? Once you decide how much you’re going to spend your video production company can tell you what is and isn’t possible with the money available. A video can be tailor made to suit your financial requirements. What are the key points? List the key points you want to make in the video, bearing in mind it’s about the audience, not you, address their problems and how you can fix them. Remember this is not a TV commercial, this is a corporate video. You’re telling a story that must have three principal components. a. A compelling opening to grab their attention. b. A powerful middle section that connects them emotionally, where you offer solutions to their problem and detail your product or service. (Keep the facts and figures to a minimum). And c. A strong ending . Personalise the video with a message conveying your belief in your product and your passion for what you do. Then finally wrap in up with a strong Call to action. What may very well be your biggest selling point is you. Don’t be afraid to show your emotion and passion that’s sets you apart from the competition. Video is the most powerful sales tool there is. Why? Because it’s as close as you can come to a face to face conversation on your website.  To find out how you can get a high quality video on your website for a reasonable price call us at The Video Professionals 8325 2746

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