How much do you spend on traditional advertising each month?

How about this!

Biz Minute logo film

Starting from only $110 per month for a 60 second video on a 12 month payment plan that addresses cash-flow for small business. No production fees! Only part with your hard earned cash if you use the video!

Best of all we record and edit your video for FREE!

We can create an advertising video that you can use again and again for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising!

Biz Minute is a video business listing where you can find out about businesses, shops, retailers, service providers, professionals and learn about the business, the owners, the staff and their products in a video of 60 seconds duration.

The completed video is hosted on our servers for the licence duration.

*You can embed the video in your web site or on social media!


  • See before you buy
  • No obligation
  • Try the latest marketing – Video!

Extended demo: The Big Shed


Business owners and managers can book our crew to visit the business premises and we record on-site. Then we take it all back to the studio and edit the footage into a 60 second video that can be displayed* on your web site and in social media. You can even email the video link or embed into your electronic mail-outs.

You can see the finished product before you buy!


“Video is an extremely important part of the modern on line marketing presence. If you don’t have video, you could be falling behind your competitors!”

David Hales
Director: Biz Minute


Biz Minute is a service offered to businesses to have a promotion video produced^ free of charge. The completed video can then be licensed for a nominal fee for client’s use over a nominated duration.

Biz Minute is as the name implies, a 60 second business video for your business to embed on your web site or use in social media. You can even send links to your clients via email or in newsletters.

You can be in the video yourself or we offer professional presenters*.

Benefits of Biz Minute to client:

  • Production cost is not an issue for the client. It’s FREE!
  • See finished video before purchasing a license.
  • Various license terms available.
  • Reasonable re-edit rates.
  • Discounts for licences purchased within 14 days of production.

Biz Minute is a great way to promote your business on line with social media, email and web sites.


Pricing is from only $110/month for a professionally produced and edited 60 second video based on a 12 month agreement/payment plan.

*Longer video productions POA.