Inbound Marketing – Todays’ Way To Do Business

What is inbound marketing?   Inbound marketing is, effectively, drawing the attention of prospects to your business by creating content i.e. video, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media marketing and other types of content marketing In traditional marketing you go out and seek customers – with inbound marketing they come to you. Sounds ideal but just how easy is it in reality? It’s all about attracting people to your website, giving them a reason to check you out.   So what is it that will attract them like bees to a honeypot? Having a good looking website is a start, then you need to be a prolific blogger, writing about stuff that shows you are an expert in your field and someone to be trusted. Regular, new content is the secret to success, informative articles about you, your product or service and your staff.   Video – an absolute must – any website today without video is rapidly losing ground to competitors and losing profile and Google ranking. Visitors will stay on a site with video much longer, giving you time to show off your product or service. Video can take on many forms – an explainer video detailing what you do and what you offer, How to videos, testimonials, corporate events, and very importantly, a call to action. Not restricted to only your website, videos are vital for your social media, emails and news letters.   The key thing is to be providing relevant information on tap at all times. It’s just there when people (read prospective clients) need it 24/7. The way people buy today has changed dramatically. They are far better informed and don’t rely on a salesman walking them through the pros and cons of a particular product. They’ve already done their research on Google.  That’s the way I operate and you probably do to.   Nothing frustrates me more than to go into a store to inquire about a product only to find I know more than the salesman. The end result is I do more research, makeup my own mind and the salesman ends up just taking my credit card. This is where inbound marketing works.  If your website is compelling, your blogs show you to be the expert in your field, prospective customers will flock to your site, and conversion rates will soar.   Traditional marketing is losing impact. We suffer from media overload – so many TV channels so many radio stations, we are bombarded by advertising. Even the good ads we are sceptical about.  PVR’s the advertisers worst enemy However, the technological age has allowed us to fight back, PVR’s let us to record TV shows and fast forward through the ads. Many of us don’t watch shows live, preferring to record them first so we can skip the ads altogether.   Technology is arming us with the tools to bypass the hard sell. Even our smart phones have a caller ID so we can weed out the cold callers. And those very same smart […]

Amateur Video versus Professional Video Shootout

We had a lot of fun in the Video Professionals studio recently “unlearning “ decades of skills making videos. It’s second nature for us to be meticulous in the way the studio is set up for a shoot, ensuring the lighting is just right, the audio high quality and the cameras set up in perfect position to frame the shots just as they should be. We decided to make an Amateur Video Versus a Professional video comparison.   To make a true representation of an amateur production  we had to forget everything we had learned over the years and shoot a video through the eyes of a novice. So what was our motivation for the amateur V Pro shootout? Well, with everyone walking around with smart phones equipped with High def video recorders these days the question often arises “Why do I need you guys to shoot my online video? I can save big dollars by shooting the video myself and editing it on my computer.” My reply is “Yes you can, but remember, the video you produce is a direct reflection of your business and the quality of service you provide.” “Prospective customers will look at the video and decide on the quality of your brand, based on the production value of the video that you are running on your website.” So you might save some money initially, but consider the long-term cost. I often recount the story of the website I visited recently. It was a boat and marine products site. They sold big-ticket items up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was interested to see if they had any videos of their products. The first one I came across was for a Jet Ski. What better way to sell it than a video of the Jet Ski out on the water? The concept was fine but the application was atrocious. Whoever shot the video couldn’t keep the camera straight, hence the Jet Ski looked like it was going up hill. The unsteady shots made me feel seasick. Then the crowning glory, an on-screen graphic stating C420X Jet Ski avalable now. (Note no “i” in available}. That was enough for me and I left the site never to return. That video did the business immeasurable harm. How many others had reacted like me, how many potential sales lost? All to save a few dollars. So here we are in the studio shooting a video as we believe it should be shot, then forgetting everything and shooting like novices. The resulting video is well worth watching. Even if you decide to make your own, you might pick up a few tips. .Nothing will hurt your credibility more than an amateurish, shaky video created with cheap  equipment, bad lighting and bad sound. Video produced without proper thought and planning  can damage your company’s brand  because it projects the wrong image to your potential clients. For many visiting your website , it will be their first contact with your business. Remember, you don’t get a second […]