The Internet Gives The Consumer Ultimate Power

Consumers have never been in  stronger position when buying. The internet has put them in touch with everything they need to know to make the right decision and more and more they’re turning to video. As a business owner are you prepared for the new age consumer? So you’ve decided you need video on your web page. Even before approaching a production company to make it you should be very clear in your mind what you want the video to achieve. The better equipped you are the more likely you are to end up with the result you want. It’s important to realise that while the video will be about you and your company, its’ principle aim is for the benefit of prospective clients. Too much about you and your business history will drive them away. They’re seeking solutions to a problem. Give them the answer and they’ll do business with you. Waste their time and they’ll be off to your competitors website at the click of a mouse button. The Internet has given the consumer ultimate power. They can take a look at what’s on offer, carry out research,  find the best price and make considered choices, without leaving their computer or mobile device. That’s why making a powerful and effective website video is even more vital. To help you do this we have compiled a corporate video checklist. What is your objective? What do you want the video to do to improve your business? What is your target audience? For example, existing customers, or prospective customers who don’t know what you have to offer, a certain age group or socio-economic group? What is your message? Define your message and get to the point as quickly as possible. No matter how good your product is, if you muddle the message they’ll tune out. You have eight seconds to make an impact. Remember, seeing is believing. Better to demonstrate your product or service than spend a lot of time just talking about it. What is your budget? Once you decide how much you’re going to spend your video production company can tell you what is and isn’t possible with the money available. A video can be tailor made to suit your financial requirements. What are the key points? List the key points you want to make in the video, bearing in mind it’s about the audience, not you, address their problems and how you can fix them. Remember this is not a TV commercial, this is a corporate video. You’re telling a story that must have three principal components. a. A compelling opening to grab their attention. b. A powerful middle section that connects them emotionally, where you offer solutions to their problem and detail your product or service. (Keep the facts and figures to a minimum). And c. A strong ending . Personalise the video with a message conveying your belief in your product and your passion for what you do. Then finally wrap in up with a strong Call to action. What may very well be your biggest selling point is you. Don’t be afraid to show your emotion and passion that’s sets you apart from the competition. Video is the most powerful sales tool there is. Why? Because it’s as close as you can come to a face to face conversation on your website.  To find out how you can get a high quality video on your website for a reasonable price call us at The Video Professionals 8325 2746

But I’m not a rock star

But I’m not a rock star             That was the response I got when I suggested to a prospective client that he would be the  best person to front a landing page video for his website. He was pushing for a professional presenter to sell his products saying they would be more polished and look more comfortable in front of the camera. I couldn’t argue with that. Sure, a professional presenter could read the words faultlessly and look impeccable on camera, but what does that have to do with convincing a website visitor that this site deserves their business? That requires belief and passion and in that respect, the client had everything going for him. I said, after 35 year building your business you have a passion that is palpable. You love what you do, you’re proud of what you’ve achieved and you always put the customer first. On top of that he communicated warmth and trust. You can’t buy that kind of talent. I don’t know if I’ve convinced him yet, but he’s gone away to think about it. Doing your own ads or video shouldn’t be an ego trip. If you’re doing it just to “get your head on,” you’ll find it to be an expensive exercise in futility. And the big thing is, unless you are a great actor, people will see straight through you. The video camera is known as the “unblinking eye,” it spots all your imperfections, crooked tie, hair out of place, wrong coloured lipstick. If you’re going to be on camera you’d better be yourself and don’t try to be a pale impersonation of someone else. All those things considered, if you have established a business, are passionate about it, and want to take it to the next level, then there’s no reason why you can’t front your own video. The internet is undergoing a massive change from largely text driven content to video driven content. For example, people would much rather watch a video on coffee machines than read reams of text with a few pictures telling them about it. So if you’re thinking about adding video to your website to take advantage of a better Google ranking, stand out from the competition, give a human face to your business and increase conversion rates, give Video Professionals a call 8325 2746. .