5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video

1. Your Competition is doing it. 2. People watch online video ads. 3. Video personalises your business. 4. Google loves video. 5. Video increases sales.

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At the Video Professionals we pride ourselves on creating quality and cost-effective video productions to businesses that want to increase their community awareness using the latest in video production.

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Our professional team combine their skills to make your production top rate and fun to create.
Graeme Goodings

Graeme Goodings


‘I have had a passionate love affair with communication and the media all my working life.’

graeme-imageRadio, Television, print media and now social media have provided me with endless opportunities and most importantly, employment.

I also found time to produce a DVD entitled Cancer – What Now? a guide for patients, families and carers.

Having left SAS7 Adelaide after 34 years as a News reader I’m now free to pursue areas of the industry I love, video production, corporate and commercial voice overs and media training.

Working as a Master of Ceremonies, Keynote speaker and facilitator has allowed me to branch out as an executive media trainer and teacher of young people entering the work force.

I believe the power of Communication is the most important skill of all. Good communicators are high achievers.

‘Good communication can be taught and that’s what I do.’

Graeme Goodings

David Hales

David Hales


My interest in media was wide and I took an interest in cameras, directing, producing and editing back in 1983.

The thing I like to do most is create great video productions that are value for money to everyone concerned.

With video now becoming the most effective way to advertise or inform people about products and services, I use my skills to help your business enhance its presence through familiar community engagement.

As an Editor and Post Production team member I work with Graeme to record and edit the best video possible and construct quality video productions for your business.

Above all enjoy your work…

I love my work and it’s virtually the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and I enjoy working with video as there is always something new that interests me. If only all of us could love what we do and do what we love, there would be a lot more satisfied people at work and customers would be thrilled!

To bring this love of video to my customers is what I like to do. I get great satisfaction out of knowing I helped someone.

David Hales


All the Latest

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