But I’m not a rock star

Rock star







That was the response I got when I suggested to a prospective client that he would be the  best person to front a landing page video for his website.

He was pushing for a professional presenter to sell his products saying they would be more polished and look more comfortable in front of the camera.

I couldn’t argue with that.

Sure, a professional presenter could read the words faultlessly and look impeccable on camera, but what does that have to do with convincing a website visitor that this site deserves their business?

That requires belief and passion and in that respect, the client had everything going for him.

I said, after 35 year building your business you have a passion that is palpable.

You love what you do, you’re proud of what you’ve achieved and you always put the customer first.

On top of that he communicated warmth and trust. You can’t buy that kind of talent.

I don’t know if I’ve convinced him yet, but he’s gone away to think about it.

Doing your own ads or video shouldn’t be an ego trip.


If you’re doing it just to “get your head on,” you’ll find it to be an expensive exercise in futility.

And the big thing is, unless you are a great actor, people will see straight through you.

The video camera is known as the “unblinking eye,” it spots all your imperfections, crooked tie, hair out of place, wrong coloured lipstick.

If you’re going to be on camera you’d better be yourself and don’t try to be a pale impersonation of someone else.

All those things considered, if you have established a business, are passionate about it, and want to take it to the next level, then there’s no reason why you can’t front your own video.

The internet is undergoing a massive change from largely text driven content to video driven content.

For example, people would much rather watch a video on coffee machines than read reams of text with a few pictures telling them about it.

So if you’re thinking about adding video to your website to take advantage of a better Google ranking, stand out from the competition, give a human face to your business and increase conversion rates, give Video Professionals a call 8325 2746.