Why is video so powerful as a sales tool? Because you can show prospective customers how your product will enhance their life without them having to leave their computer or mobile phone screen.

Without any sales pressure they can see just how good your product or service is.

Video is as close as you can get to a face to face conversation on your website.

Done well, a video will build your credibility and boost  brand awareness for your business.

 The average time spent on a webpage is just eight seconds.

A Website with video will keep people watching on average, for two minutes, and that’s plenty of time to get your message across with a professional, high quality production.

Using video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%

And a huge plus, 92% of mobile users share video with others. That means your prospective customers are not only visiting your site but also passing on your videos to others, if they like what they see.

That is effectively an endorsement, and a recommendation of that kind is gold.

 Video is the language of anyone under 35 and that’s why YouTube is growing faster than Google.

By 2017, video will account for 74 % of all consumers Internet traffic (Syndacast). Effectively, many people use YouTube as their sole search engine. That means a website without video will go undetected. It’s like you don’t exist for a rapidly growing section of the population.

Back to Google. Let’s consider two websites identical in all ways except one has video. The site with video is 53 times more likely to rank on page one of Google than the text only site.

Whichever way you cut it video works.

We’re all living in the video generation – learn to speak the language and reap the rewards.

Video is the most effective marketing tool. For the price of one production you get a video you can use on your landing page, on your social media page, for your email mail out and newsletters and a video you can use in presentations.

Name one other form of marketing that is so versatile and cost effective?

Still need convincing?

 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with best ROI (Return on Investment).

 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

69% of smartphone users say videos are a perfect solution for smartphone viewing as they offer a quick way for consumers to grasp an overview of a product.

Using the word “Video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribe rates by 26%.

I can go on with a sea of statistics about the power of video but I think you get the message. Websites without video are rapidly falling behind those that have it already.

But it’s not too late The Video Professionals can develop and produce a high quality video for you website that will put you ahead of the game.

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