Any business to be successful has to keep a close watch on expenditure.

One area of ongoing cost is training, with a regular turnover of staff new inductees have to be brought up to speed on how your company operates.

In-house training can be a costly but necessary exercise.

Personalised training is expensive and takes a valued employee out of the loop. The alternative in the past has been a training manual, a cold and impersonal way to deliver your company credo.

Enter The Training Video

Training videos are becoming increasingly popular and very cost effective.

Here are some of the reasons

  1. It reduces costs. Employees can access the training video at anytime and where ever they are. Eliminating the need for a venue for training.
  2. Employees learn at different speeds, a video allows them to set their own pace and revise the video at will.
  3. A videos message is constant your training message won’t vary over time.
  4. Most people are visual learners – a video can demonstrate exactly how you want a procedure or process to happen.
  5. Videos can be entertaining while they educate, ensuring employees stay interested.

The realities of life are your staff already spend a lot of time online, often watching videos. There are hard wired to accept and digest visual information.

Placing their training online, on video is a logical step.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to forget about the training process, of taking key personnel out of the system?

The same personnel who’ll be continually interrupted by the “newbie” asking “how do I do an EFPOS refund again?”

Instead it’s “let’s go to the videotape.”

With video training you can feed new and upgraded or more advanced training into the system with a minimum of disruption.

And to spice up your tutorials you can dress them up with music, animations and re-enactments.

You’re likely to get staff making suggestions of how to make the videos even better.

Bear in mind most of the people you’ll be employing from now on only know the digital age. They have no knowledge of life before the internet.

They expect to get the bulk of their information from a screen. They’re comfortable with it and the readily accept it.

On all fronts video training is the way to go, and if it reduces your costs , makes your staff happy and more efficient what are you waiting for?