Has Your Business Had A Personality Bypass?

Getting your business to a new level may be as simple an injecting some dynamic, upbeat, real, human involvement.

Most of us think we make a decision to buy something coolly and rationally, but in fact our emotions rule our decision-making,

That’s why we are drawn to well known brand names when we know generic products are often exactly the same and much cheaper.

Big companies like Apple, Coca Cola and McDonalds have massive marketing budgets to build their brand awareness and spread the message far and wide.

Their message is indelibly in our psyche – that’s the power of the dollar.

So what can small and medium size businesses do compete with the big guys and their direct competitors?

Get a personality. You need to develop a theme through everything you do, in store, online and marketing that lets the world know you have a heart beat.

People best relate to other  people. Not facts, not figures not clever info graphics, but real people.

‘A business with personality is one that has developed a particular style and voice that projects everything that is good about what you do.’

It makes your business more credible and more approachable. It maybe the only difference between you and your competition.

The best way to start doing this is reveal your human side. Tell your story of how you got started in the business. The struggles, the setbacks, the gradual climb to where you are today and the pleasure you and your staff get from having happy customers.

‘We all love a good story.’ We all love to see the little guy/girl wins through.

Make the visitor to you website feel special, tell them what you can do for them and why you get so much enjoyment out of seeing a satisfied customer who will want to come back again and again.

Remember, people want to do business with people, not corporations or institutions.

We all want to feel like we belong, and in this world of websites and online trading a wall has gone up between business and customer.

What ever you can do to bring down that wall will humanise your business and bring customers to your door.

Don’ t forget, in many cases you and your competitors are offering similar, if not the same products or services.

The only difference is the people behind the product – you and your staff.

If you can develop a unique personality for your business that is consistent, caring and welcoming, you have a point of difference. A reason why they’ll prefer you to your competition.

And the beauty of developing a personality, it costs you nothing. It’s simply a mindset.

By putting personality into your business you’re giving clients something to connect with and once they’ve made the connection they’re likely to stick with you.

You develop the principles and train your staff to adhere to them and that personality by pass has become personality plus.

The best way to project that personality is with video. Words can be misinterpreted, but video doesn’t lie.

A great landing page video welcoming visitors and outlining what you can do for them could be just the start in personalising your website and your business.

Remember the biggest advantage you have in business is YOU.