The Growth Of Video On Facebook & Its Impact on Business

Looking at Facebook recently have you noticed the huge growth in videos?


In the early days Facebook was all about the written word but it soon became evident that if you wanted to get “likes” and comments you needed to add a picture.

The statistics are overwhelming. According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts.

Wishpond’s data says that overall, photo posts get 120% more engagement than the average post.

So it appears we’ve all read the tealeaves and have tried to post pictures where possible.images-3

But now, the next wave, as video rolls over social media like a tsunami.

Facebook has prioritized video posts and according Fortune magazine:

For creators with more than a million Facebook fans, text-only updates reach just 4%, photo posts reach 14% of their audience on average, but video posts? They reach 35%.

Smart businesses have been quick to capitalise, flooding their social media pages with videos.

That doesn’t mean video for videos sake but meaningful, high quality videos showing off your brand or service.


Produce a video your audience will want to see.


  • An information video. How your product works and how it will solve their problems and make life better.
  • An educational video “How to” videos are always popular. Don’t tell me, show me.
  • Entertaining video – we all like to be entertained and amused. A video showing the lighter side of your business, interaction with staff and clients will humanise your business making you more approachable.
  • Testimonial video – let the clients tell their story. A happy client is your best sales person.

Points to remember when making a video for social media.


  1.  Keep it short – 30 seconds is the optimal duration.
  2.  Keep it simple and to the point.
  3.  Have a catchy title – that’s the hook to get them to press play.
  4.  Avoid cheap and nasty. You’ll be judge by the quality of your   video not your product.
  5. Money invested on a high quality video  will repay you many times over.

Video on social media may not replace traditional advertising but its growth and reach and appeal to the millennials can’t be ignored.

As more of us go online via smartphones, digital video becomes more important as the small screen lends itself more to video than text.

Statistics show we are spending more time on social media everyday, it is becoming the go-to outlet for businesses of all sizes.

The goal posts in the business world are constantly changing . Smart businesses are aware of the changes and react before their competitors.