A Simple Way of Using Video To Boost Your Business


Here’s an idea!  You already know that video is vital in the current Youtube run world.

Your website needs to be constantly upgraded with new and inviting videos to keep your Google ranking up and your visitors entertained and informed.


How about a “we love our job” interview with your employees?

Now most visitors to your site will be cynical on arrival, the guard is up ‘cos someone is going to try to sell them something.

Disarm them. We all love a story, so show them a typical worker in your business having a bit of fun, and watch them relate to your clients on a whole new level.

Let your employees explain why your product is so fantastic, why they love working there. Now if the office boy/girl or storeperson shows the same enthusiasm as the boss, prospective customers will be pretty much sold.

Revealing that the business is more than a façade and money making operation is the key to winning over visitors who are bombarded by typical, hardsell, corporate videos online and on TV every minute of every day.

Let visitors see your business has a beating heart, supports real people and is genuinely interested in their clients, giving them products and services above an beyond the average.

It’s all about humanising your business. People want to deal with people not glitzy websites with no soul.

Not only are you going to do more business, think what your doing for your employees. You are showing how important they are to you and that they can make a very positive contribution to the organisation.

And who knows, you might just discover a natural born talent in front of the camera.

Everyone’s a winner – the clients are won over, the boss gets more business and the employee gets to feel like they are valued and making a big contribution to the company’s overall success.

Using video for video’s sake is not enough, start thinking outside the square.

Latest statistics reveal the average person spends more than eight hours a day consuming media – TV, Internet, print.

A huge proportion of that is video so you have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

Maybe, your employees ”we love our job” video might be just what you need.