The video story of your business gets results

We won’t make a glossy multi-thousand dollar video for your business.

That’s not what Biz Adelaide is about. 

We are story tellers.  We will tell the story of your business – what you do, why you do it, why your product is the best and why you give the best and friendliest service.

If there’s one thing that’s become very apparent in recent times it’s people have wised-up to big budget, over blown, over produced commercials.

Media savvy consumers can’t be won over by superficial hi-gloss commercials that are big on the superficial but lack substance.

We live in an age of reality television and internet accessible information. We want to know more about the people and the products before parting with our dollars.

We are more likely to buy from a business that’s been referred to us.  We go on line and read the reviews before committing the dollars.

We like to buy from familiar, trusting faces who also show they know their products and/or service.

That’s where Biz Adelaide’s business story telling comes it.

I treat our videos similar to a news story giving you the who, what, where, when and why of a business and the people behind it.

Doing business is all about people dealing with people and the more you know about a business and the people running it before you walk in the door the more likely you are to buy.

With most of us shopping online and and researching products before we buy, an online video will give your business a head start on the competition.

Biz Adelaide will tell the story of your business at a realistic price.