Why record in 4K video?

Not many people have 4K monitors and the bandwidth usage is horrendous and slow with the internet in Australia. So, why record in 4K?

Well, the answer is short but direct. THE QUALITY! To have a master copy in 4K allows several things. Firstly, a high quality original that can be down converted to HD 1080 or 720. Plus, it allows the editor to zoom in on subjects without any substantial loss in video quality.

(LEFT: 4K original image. RIGHT: Same image with zoom in.)

This level of clarity might not be required by the average videographer. However, a professional cinematographer may suggest you shoot in 4K all depending on the situational requirements and regard to cost. For instance, a web video might be suitably mastered in HD 1080 and that will be sufficient for display on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. However, if the video may be used on TV or other forms of distribution media it may be advantageous to record in 4K.

Another reason to use 4K is if you need to punch-in. This is where on an edit you need a close-up shot and rather than record multiple cameras you can just zoom in with no or minimal loss in image quality.

At Video Professionals we have the ability to record in 4K. We offer this service to customers when needed to complete their video production. We will discuss this with you during the planning stages of your video. It’s another tool in the arsenal to be drawn upon if needed.

Talk to us about your production. We’ll help you with the right gear to deliver your professional video production.