VIDEO – the best way to stay in touch with your customers.

Even the most successful businesses have to move with the times. Best practice methods of just a few years ago can be seen as laughably out of date in 2018.

 Although every business worth its salt has a website today its not so long ago that having an online presence was considered unnecessary.

 Today, many of those same businesses that have websites need convincing they also need a social media presence.

Combine social media with strong video content you have the right tools to raise your profile and generate business.

 The case for video is overwhelming.

 Video is a marketing tool that compels customers to take action whether it is to buy or seek more information.

 Video grabs peoples’ attention. 

We are drawn to video like moths to a flame.

‘No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy, you are going to lose.’

 While the amount if video viewed online is rising exponentially, the way we see it is changing.

YouTube is a behemoth when it comes to video (5 billion views per day) but Facebook is now outstripping it claiming more than 8 billion views per day. 

 A high quality low investment  social media video is incredibly cost effective.

 Consider what you are spending on traditional advertising. Is it working? Young people in particular don’t watch mainstream television. They’re hooked on Netflix and Stan. They don’t read newspapers or magazines and rely almost totally on online sources for information and entertainment.

When they’re in the market they go online and research the product or service they’re after. They seek out video content, not text.

 You have to get them where they live. They don’t want to read about it they want to see a video about it.

Whatever decision you make regarding using the power of video, it pays to speak to the experts, but to simply disregard video is a huge mistake.