Animation Is A Great Way To Grab Attention



One of the questions we get asked about website videos is whether they should be animated or live video.

There’s no correct answer, both are very effective and can achieve high impact for your brand recognition and promote sales.

When deciding on your course of action there are numerous things to consider.

Remember animation isn’t just for kids. Some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters have been animated features., Toy Story, Shrek, Cars, Finding Nemo, Ice age just to mention a few.

Just as many adults as children have loved these movies, proving we never out grow our love of animation.

Animation can be extremely effective in explaining and simplifying a subject for 5 key reasons.

Animation –

  • Grabs your attention
  • Keeps your audience engaged
  • Communicates quickly and concisely
  • Help gain understanding
  • Makes a lasting impression

Animation is also a first choice when the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to being “on camera.”

Maybe the subject matter is commercially sensitive or the business premises aren’t suitable to be captured on video.

In these instances animation is the answer.