Author: Graeme Goodings

A Simple Way of Using Video To Boost Your Business

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VIDEO BRIEFS Here’s an idea!  You already know that video is vital in the current Youtube run world. Your website needs to be constantly upgraded with new and inviting videos to keep your Google ranking up and your visitors entertained and informed.   How about a “we love our job” interview with your employees? Now ….  Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing – Todays’ Way To Do Business

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What is inbound marketing?   Inbound marketing is, effectively, drawing the attention of prospects to your business by creating content i.e. video, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media marketing and other types of content marketing In traditional marketing you go out and seek customers – with inbound marketing they come to you. Sounds ideal but just ….  Continue Reading

Has Your Business Had A Personality Bypass?

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Getting your business to a new level may be as simple an injecting some dynamic, upbeat, real, human involvement. Most of us think we make a decision to buy something coolly and rationally, but in fact our emotions rule our decision-making, That’s why we are drawn to well known brand names when we know generic ….  Continue Reading

A Business Without Video Is A Business Without Vision

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‘No matter what you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy, you are going to lose.’ A Business Without Video Is A Business Without Vision Advertising options have changed and grown dramatically over recent years, and fine-tuning your strategy means taking advantage of the digital marketplace. So ….  Continue Reading