Your business, your story!

What is Biz Adelaide?

Web video is the latest concept for marketing in the modern age of electronic media. Biz Adelaide can help you build your business profile by telling your story to potential customers and will make them aware of your products and services.

Graeme Goodings
Graeme Goodings

Biz Adelaide is a web video segment hosted by Graeme Goodings where you can tell your business story and promote services to the community and potential customers.

We do this with Biz Adelaide Web TV by putting you and your business in front of potential customers.

Biz Adelaide will give you the opportunity to:

Build your profile and sales opportunities

  • Boost community awareness of your business and products
  • Make potential customers familiar and choose to spend with you
  • Introduce new products and services

The segment will be on line from our web site and social media which your customers can view by placing a link to on your web pages or social media opages.

You can use the video in email, on social media or embed into your web site. This is where we edit a specific package for you to distribute as required. Contact us about specific package pricing.

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Play an episode and check it out for yourself!

Segment Pricing

1 Minute Segment


1.5 Minute Segment


2 Minute Segment


2.5 Minute Segment


Note: Biz Adelaide is a web TV show and is not custom video production. Biz Adelaide episodes are available from this web site and you place links to the video on your social media or company web site. Should you wish a customised video for your business, please contact us for pricing on 8325 2746.


Call for more information 08 8325 2746 or fill out this form.


Should you wish to purchase copies for your own use, please contact us for pricing.

Terms & Conditions

Appearing on Biz Adelaide

The following terms and conditions apply to appearing on Biz Adelaide.

  1. All appearances on Biz Adelaide are at the discretion of the producers.
  2. All segments appear on our web site and customers can link to the site to promote their segment.
  3. Sales of segments for personal use are available for purchase as per our current price list. Please call for details.
  4. Biz Adelaide is a service to South Australian businesses by the Video Professionals and videos are tagged with the Biz Adelaide opener and closer. Plus, other identifying marks as we see fit.
  5. Videos are copyright of the Video Professionals and remain our intellectual property.
  6. Video Professionals retain the right to use all or part of any segment for promotional purposes.
  7. Maximum segment duration is approximately 1 – 2.5 minutes. See pricing.
  8. Biz Adelaide is a production of the Video Professionals and under no circumstances is this a customised video production for the client.
  9. The production is per our production model (template) and the show is completed according to our run-down sheet.
  10.  Videos will be removed after the elapsed term of use by the client (such as embedding, sharing). Clients will have the option to extend for a fee or to rerecord a new episode at our current pricing. The video will remain on the Biz Adelaide web site or social media at our discretion.
  11. Under no circumstances will the Video Professionals, its staff or agents be held responsible legally, financially, or otherwise for expectations, performance or otherwise for your businesses’  or your agent appearances on Biz Adelaide and/or the results of producing (production) or displaying the video on line.
  12. You agree to indmnify us, the Video Professinals against any and all actions, rewards and outcomes legally, financially or otherwise. Except in the case that such a result is because of negligence on our part.
  13. Biz Adelaide reserves the right to remove videos from the website at our discretion.
  14. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  15. By using our services you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Watching Biz Adelaide

The following terms and conditions apply to viewing Biz Adelaide.

  1. The views of the guests do not necessarily reflect the views of Biz Adelaide or its staff and or agents.
  2. Under no circumstances will the Video Professionals, its staff or agents be held responsible legally, financially, for expectations, content or otherwise for things viewed and or actions taken based on the content of this show.
  3. Information on Biz Adelaide is general in nature and not suitable for specific purposes or individuals. Viewers should make their own enquiries by seeking professional advice.
  4. Biz Adelaide and the Video Professionals its staff or agents do not endorse or recommend any particular business or service appearing on the show.
  5. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.