If you are looking to put a professional face on your functions or voice over productions you simply won’t find better than Graeme Goodings…


As a voice over specialist Graeme is a delight to work with, his depth of experience makes the process effortless, his years of news reading and radio experience provide Graeme with a natural understanding on what points in a recording need emphasis, using both tone and pace intuitively to help bring out the key messages to our audience.  For a marketer that gives my materials much stronger cut through and from a production point of view means little or no re-work making Graeme’s services exceptionally good value.

When acting as a emcee or host for RSB events Graeme blends his poise as a long term media personality with a warm and engaging personality making our audience feel that he is talking directly to them, even in a room full of people. Importantly for event managers, if things fall off the planned run sheet  you can rely on Graeme to adapt and seamlessly move forward using his journalism experience to stretch out a discussion with the audience when that’s needed or using his considerable interviewing talents to draw more out of a speaker to enrich the audiences experience when needed.

Graeme is our preferred supplier for all emcee and voice over services for the RSB.


Darrin Johnson
Marketing and Fundraising Manager
Royal Society for the Blind