What is a Green Screen Video (Chroma Key Video?)


images-1     Graeme Goodings in the studio

You’ve seen it at the movies when the superhero flies across the skies or at home on TV when the weather presenter is showing you the outlook for the next 24 hours.

It’s called green screen or chroma key, that magical way of allowing TV producers and movie makers to superimpose their subjects onto any background they choose.

The screen doesn’t have to be green, it’s just green works best with modern day cameras.

The video is recorded in front of the green screen. In post production the green screen is removed (keyed out) and another image is inserted in its place.

Here is another example:

In this video due to traffic noise, Graeme was in the studio and he was super imposed over the footage of the build at the beginning of the clip. The studio shot with the abstract background at the end of the clip is also green screen.