DIY Video

Video is part of our every day life and is growing and an amazing rate.

Just look at Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Everyone is telling their story through video.

Whether it be business or professional, if you want your video to stand out you have to do it better.

Enrol in our video workshops and in two three hour sessions you can learn how to make video that stands out from the rest.

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Smart phones, editing software, good quality low cost microphones and lighting means making good videos is within everyone’s reach.

It seems everybody’s producing videos, but I’m sure you’ve noticed when on YouTube – some people make way better videos than others.

We can all learn by trial and error, but you’re probable going to make some pretty ordinary movies before you start to make some good ones.

By that time your audience may well have lost interest and moved on.

Let’s cut to the chase – take our Video Workshops and in no time you can be making high quality videos to promote your business or lifestyle.

Courses starting soon.  Click here for details.



In this world of New Age and On Line media, David Hales and Graeme Goodings set up The Video Professionals to give you a “one stop” location to  boost your business or corporate profile, your Google ranking, your brand awareness, build your profile in the market place and turn website visits into sales.

The statistics are staggering – a website without video is losing ground to websites that have video.  Don’t take our word for it, just punch in “Why do websites need video” into Google and see for yourself.

After you’ve done that give us a call and we’ll show you how The Video Professionals can get a high quality corporate or landing page video up and running on your website and at a competitive price.

Want to have a chat about making an online web video for your business?

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The difference between  good video and a great video can be in the editing.

We offer a full editing service so if you have shot the pictures but are at a loss

as to what to do next give us a call.

We can take your raw footage and edit up a powerful, entertaining and informative video for you.


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Animated Video

We can create animated videos from $99 (inc GST). What a no-brainer. We can promote products and services in these animated short videos at very cost-effictive prices.

These videos start from as little as $99.00 (inc GST)

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