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Production Process


The first step in making a video happens long before a second of vision is shot.

It comes with the initial meeting with the client when we find out what they want to achieve with the video and how we can best go about making it happen.

When we have a concept we create  a development proposal that includes an idea, a plan with a timeline and a budget.

Then it’s up to the client to approve the project so we can move on to the pre-production phase.

We can only reach this stage after asking a series of questions –

·        Why do you want a video?

·        Tell us about the sort of video you want.

·        What is the audience you hope to reach?

·        What action do you want those who see the video to take?

·        What is your budget for the project?

·        Do you envisage further videos after the initial one?

·        Is the video solely for online and social media?

Armed with that information  and a 50% deposit, we move on to pre- production.

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Pre-production is the single most important element of the project.

Pre-planning ensures a successful shoot.

During this time we  –

·        Write a script.

·        Prepare a storyboard.

·        Draw up a production schedule.

·        Organise talent (if required).

·        Organise talent releases.

·        Check locations.

·        Decide on equipment needs.

When all that’s in order we move on to Production.

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Production –  when the cameras roll.  It’s the big payoff for a very thorough pre-production phase, as the clients’ dreams turn into a reality.

Filming can take place in the studio or on location and involves cameras, lighting,sets, audio mixing, talent, makeup.

Production is the moment where all of the time and energy spent preparing culminates into something special –  your video.


 Post Production- the final phase 


This is when the raw video footage goes into the edit suite to complete the project.

Here we :

·        Edit the pictures into a sequence that best tells your story.

·        Add music, audio effects and voice over.

·        Add graphics and special effects.

·        Fine tune video for best sound and video quality.

At this stage we call in the client to assess the video.  If we’ve followed the brief it should be all smiles, but in reality the client might want to fine-tune certain aspects of the video, which we are happy to do.

All this is covered in the quoted price.  If however, the client says “It would be nice to have a shot of a man being fired out of a canon.” That falls outside the original brief and we are happy to oblige, but there will be an additional cost

The bottom line is, if the client’s happy we have done our job and we hand over the video after receiving the final payment.

Just call 8325 2746 we can create a hassle-free production for your business.

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