A good video equals more sales!


A video demonstrating your product has an amazing ability to increase conversions i.e. sales.

How does it do this? By better helping viewers learn about your products and services. Plus demonstrating why it could be just what they need.


According to Marketing Sherpa, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

  • Given the choice of looking at pictures and reading text visitors will go to the video every time.
  • Video is memorable – it will be remembered long after the text is forgotten.
  • Video can be shared via email or text message.  “Check out this great coffee machine. I think we should buy one.”
  •  Google loves video – having a product video will see your Google ranking climb and you’ll also feature on Youtube, the second biggest search engine.

Everyday people spend more time online watching videos – why shouldn’t they be watching yours.

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