Have you ever wanted a video for your business but were not sure how it would turn out?

Were you worried you’d be paying for something that was not what you wanted?

Video Professionals have the solution!

Shoot First, Pay Later!

We will film, edit and produce a quality video for you to see before you buy with no obligation. If you don’t like it, we’ll change it or you can just walk away. At least you will have something tangible to to see before you buy.

That’s right! You get to see what your business looks like when promoted with video before you pay anything for the video production.

We guarantee you’ll love our work or you won’t pay a cent!

How it works!

We meet with you to discuss your video, the content, target audience, the imagery and script. We will also discuss if you want to be in the video yourself or if you would prefer professional talent in your video. We’ll discuss pricing options based on the requirements you have put forward. Then, upon your approval we will shoot, edit and produce a video.

The best bit is you won’t have to pay until decide to accept the video. So, you get to see what you are buying first!

If you don’t like the video, we can make changes. If you are still not happy then just walk away with no obligation.

We will have been happy to show you what your business will look like with video and we’ll keep the video on file should you change your mind at a later time.

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