Slow-motion video can add dramatic effect to your production by emphasising an action, process or results. People can see what is happening in detail and it adds that professional touch if done correctly. Imagine sprinkling icing sugar on a cake in a bakery video, or pouring a glass of wine in a restaurant. How much more dramatic that would be in slow motion?

Nature at 250 fps.

At the Video Professionals we can record at up to 1000 fps (Frames Per Second). 1000 fps can make 4 seconds of video just over 2 1/2 minutes long. We can edit the video to only show relevant parts of the action or a specific event in the action. Enormous amounts of detail can be revealed using slow-motion.

Shaving Cream at 500 fps

We can record up to 1000 fps.

If you need professional slow-motion video then Video Professionals are available to create your slomo masterpiece. Just call us to discuss your requirements.