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A Simple Way of Using Video To Boost Your Business

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VIDEO BRIEFS Here’s an idea!  You already know that video is vital in the current Youtube run world. Your website needs to be constantly upgraded with new and inviting videos to keep your Google ranking up and your visitors entertained and informed.   How about a “we love our job” interview with your employees? Now ….  Continue Reading

Has Your Business Had A Personality Bypass?

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Getting your business to a new level may be as simple an injecting some dynamic, upbeat, real, human involvement. Most of us think we make a decision to buy something coolly and rationally, but in fact our emotions rule our decision-making, That’s why we are drawn to well known brand names when we know generic ….  Continue Reading

Small Business Taking On the Big Guys with Video

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  A huge win for small business. At last a level playing field. When it comes to taking on the big guys, trying to match their advertising budget dollar for dollar, has been a lost cause. Even an advertising budget of $250,000 (a sizeable outlay for a small to medium business) pales into insignificance up against the ….  Continue Reading

Amateur Video versus Professional Video Shootout

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We had a lot of fun in the Video Professionals studio recently “unlearning “ decades of skills making videos. It’s second nature for us to be meticulous in the way the studio is set up for a shoot, ensuring the lighting is just right, the audio high quality and the cameras set up in perfect ….  Continue Reading